Baby Shoes and Hosiery

At Karibou, we offer a range of high-quality baby shoes and hosiery that are made with both style and comfort in mind. Our collection of baby shoes and hosiery are lovingly designed in New Zealand and are made to not only look beautiful, but to last as well!

Our range of baby shoes are made from durable, high-quality materials like genuine leather and velvet, they come in a range of styles so there's something for every occasion! 

We also have a collection of baby hosiery like tights and socks to pair your baby shoes with! These come in a range of gorgeous colours and styles to accommodate to the season, occasion or outfit! Our range of baby hosiery is made from luxe cotton and are luxuriously soft and breathable!

Complete any outfit with our range of baby and kids shoes and hosiery, designed right here in NZ! 


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