If you are anything like me, then your kids also mean the world to you and are by far your biggest source of joy (And at times, I'm not going to lie, frustration). But, if you have gone through raising a child then you probably know the amount of disposable clothing that stacks up over time - Things you can’t quite sell and things that are not quite treasure-worthy.

When establishing Karibou my mission was simple: Create timeless personality-infused ‘Generational Clothing’ that your kids’ grandkids will want to wear. Not clothing that merely takes up space in a corner of your closet somewhere. To achieve this mission I set out to create a beautiful store where parents can easily find the perfect clothing and accessories for their 0-5 year olds.
The Karibou mother is bold, but she's ethereal. She's strong, yet she's playful. She raises little Karibous to have an appreciation for fashion, not to fall victim to it.
I sourced the globe for timeless pieces created by talented artisans, designers, and craftsmen. And I'm thrilled to bring them to Karibou, so that you can have their beautiful pieces in your home. Most of our pieces are hand crafted, made out of beautiful materials, and all are ethically made, so you can be assured that you are not only doing the best for your family, but also the world. 
I hope you enjoy shopping the Karibou range as much as I love bringing it to you. 
Lots of Love,
Karibou Founder & Owner