Karibou Kindness Project: Together We Can Make a Difference.

Karibou Kindness Project: Together We Can Make a Difference.

Karibou Kindness Project: Helping Families Together


We've Found a Way We Can Assist Families Together

We have hundreds of beautiful Karibou products to give to New Zealand families in need, but we need your help!

Join us in the initiative to:

❤  Help eliminate waste.
❤  Spread joy and kindness to families that need it most.
❤  Embrace the act of giving.

Although we do our very best to make sure that we only product top quality products, unfortunately it doesn’t always go this way and some products just don’t make the cut. It’s so sad to think that these not-so-perfect pieces may end up tragically going to waste.

So we thought, why not find a way to let these pieces go to families who really deserve them. Moreover, what if our customer were the givers?

And so the idea for the Karibou Kindness Project was born. 


How you can join the project and receive free clothing and more to forward to a family in need.  It’s simple.

1. Make any purchase with us and receive a gift of Karibou product(s) to forward to a family that you feel could really use it right now. 

2. Add a comment under the Checkout Page 'Shipping/Delivery Instructions' on the age range or size you'd prefer to receive (see image below on where to find this).


Please note that as product value varies greatly (anything from $10 to $100) the bigger the spend the larger the gift value.

Find out more about the project on our Facebook group 'Karibou Kindness Project'

https://www.facebook.com/groups/kariboukindnessproject Also please help us spread the word by sharing the group with your Facebook followers.

We are only opening this to New Zealand families for the time being, but hope to be able to extend it beyond NZ in the future.

Lots of love. xxx

Alyssa and the Karibou team


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