A life in Ruffles! Interview with Alaskan Girl Mama of 2 Lauren Linder

A life in Ruffles! Interview with Alaskan Girl Mama of 2 Lauren Linder

A: May I know the names of your 2 pretty darlings? How old are they?

L: My sweet Ella Marie is two and a half and little Rosie Mae is eight months old.

A: What inspired you to share your little ones’ beautiful images on IG?

L: When I first had Ella, I felt pretty isolated from my pre-baby life. I made the decision to leave work, none of my friends had children, and the change of pace was difficult for me. Ella reminded me every day to see beauty in the little things. She helped me to remember my true identity; a dreamer, a positive thinker, and a nurturer. I couldn’t help but share her innocent free spirit and natural femininity.

A: Your Instagram feed is absolutely gorgeous! How do you manage to capture these lovely photos?

L: Thank you so much! I love to have my photos be as organic as possible. I shoot them all on my iPhone, so it is as little pressure as possible, and try to just capture them playing. It’s much like what we would do normally, but it takes more prep work.

A: Do you personally do the editing?

L: I do! I keep it pretty simple and try to do similar steps on each photo. I always go for a more ethereal and romantic style photo as opposed to perfect and staged. Being relatable is important to me.

A: How do you prepare your 2 lovely girls for photoshoot?

L: On a shoot day for Ella, getting ready is incorporated into her morning routine. I style her hair while she brushes her teeth and help her dress before leaving her bathroom. Rose is a lot easier, as long as she is fed and had a nap, she is always ready to get dressed and flirt with the camera!

A: They look so cute in their outfits! Do you personally style them?

L: Yes! And thank you! Styling their outfits is my favorite part of it all. The girls share two closets; one is for their loungewear and pajamas, and the other is a beautiful curation of outfits and accessories and shoes and.. BOWS! I love spending time in there after the girls go to sleep to put together looks.

A: I can see you are into fashion. How would you define your personal style?

L: I would say my personal style is feminine, modest, and comfortable... with a little dash of boho.

A: What tips can you share to mums out there on styling their little girls?

L: One tip my mom always told me is to buy what you like, and it will all come together. Try not to get too hung up on matching or buying full outfits. Purchase items that you love as you come across them, and you will be surprised how they will compliment each other.

A: What makes you happy aside from capturing your girls' precious moments?

L: Dancing, fresh air, our dogs excited tails wagging each morning, chopping fresh fruits and vegetables and snacking on them along the way, the changing leaves in fall, Ellas little footsteps running down the hallway, the wrinkle on Rosie’s nose when she giggles.... just a few of my favorite things!

A: How can people connect with you and find out more about you?

L: The best place to connect with me is my Instagram! I post every morning and share everyday moments on my stories. www.instagram.com/laurenhadalittlelamb


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