From Mama To Influencer: A Chat with Instamama Kellie

From Mama To Influencer: A Chat with Instamama Kellie

This inspirational kiwi mum proves that raising little ones can totally be stylish. With over 15,000 followers on Instagram Kellie Pardoe is the Kiwi mum to watch - And be totally inspired by! A super cool mum of two makes infuses style into everything that she does and surrounds herself with - Everything from styling her kiddies in the most adorable outfits to decorating her home in a totally chic (and may I say immaculate!) way. But, as beautiful as life can be being a mum of little ones also means doing kids duties, dealing with tantrum, and being self-employed as a part time professional picker-upper. Kellie lets us into her world and shares with us how she does life, sharing her tips on style and living beautifully.

A: Who is in your family?

K: Myself, my husband Anthony, Jackson (5) and Olivia (2)

A: What 3 words best describe your family and home life?

K: Busy, fun, noisy.

A: How do you like to spend your days and what is your main occupation?

K: I'm a full time mum. I have been out of the workforce since having Jackson but previously I worked in account management for a large IT / Telecommunications company.

A: How would you define your personal style?

K: Simple, chic, feminine. I love ethically made products where possible and natural fabrics too.

A: How do you like to style your kids and what are some of your most favourite pieces for them?

K: Jackson usually dresses in urban street wear. Jean shorts and t-shirts. A lot of black and white. My fave brands for him are Pop Factory Shop, Rock your Kid, Hello Stranger, Radicool kids. There are a lot of fab NZ brands for boys which is great. Olivia is right into feminine / vintage styles, lots of rompers, bloomes, blouses etc. Often accessorised by long socks and a bow in her hair. She has a lot of natural colours and dusky pink. My fave brands for her are Hubble & Duke, Rylee & Cru and Karibou Kids.

A: Your kids always look super stylish. What influences their unique style and is where do you find your inspiration when creating it for them?

K: Thank you! Most of the influence comes from me if I'm honest. Although Jackson is pretty set in his ways now on what he likes to wear. I get inspo from Instagram and just following the brands I love. There are so many gorgeous options for kids out there now!

A: How do you like to decorate your home and are there any favourite places where you like to shop?

K: It's very simple, Scandi style. There is a lot of white, some grey, black and also natural wood. Most of my big furniture items are from freedom furniture. Accessories often come from Nood, Citta and Norsu Interiors.

A: Do you have any tips for other mothers out there raising little ones on how they can live more beautifully amongst the chaos?

K: Make sure you take time to yourself, even if it's just a quiet cuppa or a bubble bath. My fave things to do are spend time with my girlfriends, go for a run or pamper myself with a bath or massage, time dependent of course!

A: What do you love the most about living in Auckland, NZ?

K: I love that we are surrounded by water, there are so many beautiful beaches on our doorstep. The native bush, parks and reserves. The cafes and restaurants which we frequent often. And the people, they are mostly really friendly.

A: What makes you the happiest in this world?

K: I'm happiest when I'm somewhere warm and sunny with my family. I also feel pretty good when I'm with my girlfriends or in the kitchen baking.

A: How can people connect with you and find out more about you?

K: I'd love them to follow our journey on Instagram, username @kellie.pardoe, that's where all the fun happens!


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