A Home Full of Love - A Chat with Instamum Heather

A Home Full of Love - A Chat with Instamum Heather

A: Who is in your family?
H: My partner in crime (and husband) Ben, we do just about everything together. My true best friend. We have our oldest daughter Rosalie who is the most compassionate 3 year old that I know. My sweet little strawberry who is basically a clone of her daddy. And our dark haired new wee babe Fern, she’s almost 2 months old. She’s such a feisty wiggle worm who already seems set in her ways and won’t let you forget it either.

A: How does Rosie like to spend time with her little sister Fern?
H: Rosie loves curling up to Fern, playing with her hair and telling her about all of her toys in great detail. She loves to be her mini mom too. Bringing diapers/wipes over, helping with actually changing her, telling me when it’s time to feed her, and putting her down for a nap

A: What do you enjoy most about raising two daughters?
H: I am appreciative that I get to raise daughters because I never had a sister, I missed out on that sisterly bond and have always wondered what it was like. I have two older brothers, so that was an experience like no other either, but I witness them even to this day still as great friends in life and I don’t have a sibling to go to in that same way. But I also love getting to raise kind girls who will eventually grow to become women and I need them to be strong in life, our world needs all the strong women. I have a huge desire to share with them in what ways to be kind, giving, AND strong.


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A: How do you like to style your kids and what are some of your most favourite pieces for them?

H: I prefer neutrals and linens over anything, but I have a soft spot for muted colors and pretty prints too. I have these little woodland animals bloomers and a gauze tunic outfit for Fern that I’m dying for the day to come when she can fit into it. And I particularly love this one peplum grid top for Rosie, it goes well with any color bloomers and knee socks.

A: Do you have any tips for other mothers out there raising little ones on how they can live more beautifully amongst the occasional chaos?
H: Breathe slowly and deeply through that chaos because these are the moments we will all look back on with our children when they’re grown. We’ll look beyond those messes, the tantrums, the sibling fights. We’ll learn to laugh about those silly things because that’s not what really matters.


Karibou Interview with instamum of @daughtersandthings

A: What does living ‘beautifully’ mean to you and how do you manage to do it while raising little ones?
H: Living beautifully is so subjective. For me though, it’s in all the details and remembering those things. It’s finding true satisfaction in not losing sight of the things I always loved doing even before I became a mom. Doing away with mom guilt and embracing self-care because that makes me better for my husband and my kids too. The way my views have changed over time as I stepped into motherhood. It’s the way my children look at me with gleaming, loving eyes. When I wake up motivated and ready to take on a new day. But it’s also necessary that I find beauty in being broken down and accepting hard days as part of my title as a mother.

A: What 3 words best describe your family and home life?
H: Warm. Humble. Inseparable.

A: How would you define your personal style?
H: A confused mixture.


A: How do you like to decorate your home and are there any favourite places where you like to shop?
H: I love to pair modern and antique together with confidence. I love local thrift stores, but I’m also a lover of handmade. Small shops need and deserve all the support! There are too many to name just a few, but I always tag them on my Instagram for anyone interested in where I shop.

A: What have you found to be your biggest challenge when it comes to motherhood?
H: Balance, balance, balance!

A: And the biggest reward?
H: Getting to love my girls for all of my life and to be shown that same love in return.

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A: If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
H: Anywhere in Scandinavia!

A: What makes you the happiest in this world?
H: Of course I’m easily happiest at home and for all the reasons you could probably guess. But there is also nothing quite like the feeling of when I can be of help to somebody else.

A: How can people connect with you and find out more about you?
H: I am best reached on Instagram (@daughtersandthings), my personal Facebook www.facebook.com/hellodaintydoll and through my email daughtersandthings@gmail.com. Let’s be real, DMs and PMs get lost quick around here.


@daughtersandthings interview Karibou


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