Creating Memories: A Chat with Insta Mum Eleisha

Creating Memories: A Chat with Insta Mum Eleisha

A: Hi Eleisha! Thank you for deciding to take part. We are so excited to feature you on the Karibou World blog!

What made you decide to come up with this idea of capturing little adventures with your little girl and sharing them with the world?

E: There are several reasons I decided to document moments shared with my daughter, I wanted to create a modern day album for my her to look back on in years to come. I have a great love of nature and the outdoors and hope that by capturing these adventures she will also develop that same love.

A: What inspires you the most when creating the gorgeous images we see on your instagram feed?

E: I have always had a great love of the arts and come from an artistic background. For as long as I can remember I have always been inspired by the beauty that surrounds us in nature and of course then came my daughter who became my greatest inspiration of all.

A: Many of the photos in your feed are monochromatic. How did this mood develop and why do you think you chose this style?

E: This is a very interesting question as I didn’t consider my colour pallet until much later in my journey. However I have always been drawn to moody tones and that could perhaps come from my love of film. I often try and add colour to my gallery however those images often end up on the cutting room floor so to speak.

A:  I think we can all guess, but I'd love to know why you chose the name @chasing_ella for your Instagram account

E:This question is an easy one to answer I am constantly chasing her. She’s a very energetic fast paced little person that doesn’t often stop for long there is no planning our photo shoots it’s usually just me clicking on the run.

A: Ella always looks super chic! Where do you usually shop for her clothes?

E:Oh gosh Ella’s wardrobe, first and foremost I am very big on ethically produced clothing I love classic styles and am a huge fan of handmade clothing. I work with some wonderful brands in collaboration and rarely go into a store to buy her clothing these days.

A: I’m sure that a lot of mums would find your life in photographs incredibly beautiful and inspiring? What is living beautifully to you?

E: Living beautifully to me personally is to be present and mindful to support love and listen to the people around you. It’s probably pretty obvious that I am a bit of a deep thinker if my words had the ability to lift others than that is the greatest reward for me.

A: How many are you in your family Eleisha?

E: My little family consists of just the 3 of us. Ella is an only child. I had her in my 40’s and unfortunately there is not much hope for more. I am a twin so that has always been quite difficult for me however I am so grateful to have her and focussed on providing an incredible life for her.

A: It looks like you and Ella enjoy lots of adventures together? Do you have a favourite photo capture of such an adventure you can share with us?

E: We love going on outdoor adventures most days although I do try and limit taking the camera as I feel I miss so much when your behind the lens. Some of my favourite photos are the everyday captures of her being silly and just being a child having fun. I have so many favourite photos of her it would be impossible to choose just one.

A: Your Instagram feed features a lot of beautiful photographs of horses. Do horses hold a special place in your heart?

E: I feel that perhaps I was horse in a past life I adore these animals so much. I find them to be so graceful and so gentle I could definitely start a separate account just for my horse photographs.

A: You and your little girl sometimes wear same dresses in the same colour. Whose idea is this? And who chooses the colour for the day?

E: When someone first mentioned the idea of matching my clothing to my daughter I found it quite absurd. But then I am not certain how it happened it just did. I secretly love it now, and if we are not wearing matching outfits we are definitely colour coordinated. At the moment I choose however that I am sure will change in the future.

A:What’s your little girl’s favourite activity?

E: Ella is obsessed with going to the park she would stay on the swing for hours if your arms would allow it and sings “going up high into the sky” at the top of her voice. She also loves the beach which is so perfect as both my partner and I do to.

A: Your favourite song?

E: Oh my favourite song that’s a hard one music is such a huge part of my life. At the moment I am completely in love with London Grammars new album and “the truth is a beautiful thing” would have to be one of my most favourite songs.

A:If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

E:If I could live anywhere in the world it would be Japan not only because my twin lives there but it is a spectacular part of the world. I love their culture the scenery and I have to say their food is amazing I could definitely live on a Japanese diet.


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