Living a Sunny Life with Amie Brodie

Living a Sunny Life with Amie Brodie

For this inspirational mama of 2, style and raising little ones go hand in hand. Living in the sunny town of Tauranga, New Zealand, Amie Brodie brightens up the world of her Instagram followers with cheerful pops of mustard yellow and the most adorable captures of her two children. I knew that Amie could inspire women all around the world, so I decided to interview her about life as a full-time mother and about what she does to make her life more special and more beautiful. I'm super excited to bring you this guest feature. Amie, thank you so much for taking the time to be a part of our blog.

A: Who is in your family?

A.B: Anthony (husband) - sign writer and airbrush artist, Finn 7 and Amira 21 months

A: How do you like to spend your days and what is your main occupation?

A.B: It's just Amira and I during the day, Finn is at school. We both love the beach so I try to get over to the Mount beach at least once a week. I'm big on coffee so if I'm not grabbing my fix at Starbucks I'll catch up with a friend for coffee at a cafe. I also try to get to the gym a couple of times a week and I've just started taking Amira to Tiny Bots on a Friday which is similar to Mainly Music. I am a Graphic Designer/Artist but currently making the most of Family life as a full-time mother.

A: What 3 words best describe your family and home life?

A.B: Busy, creative, Loving.

A: How do you like to style your kids and what are some of your most favourite pieces for them?

A.B: I love children's fashion. I tend to style Finn in monochrome, which he loves also. My favourite brands for Finn are Pop Factory and Band of Boys - both NZ brands, the quality is amazing and I'm all about quality over quantity! Amira is so much fun to dress. I love her in blush/dirty pinks and mustard. My favourite brands for her are Hubble and Duke and Rylee and Cru and if I had to pick one piece it would be the Hubble and Duke dusty pink romper!

A: Your kids always look super stylish. What influences their unique style and is where do you find your inspiration when creating it for them?

A.B: I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram. I follow a number of clothing brands, boutique stores and other Mothers like myself who enjoy styling their homes and children's fashion. I've always loved fashion and styling as young as I can remember and I enjoy mix and matching outfits and brands to create my own individual style.

A: Do you have any tips for other mothers out there raising little ones on how they can live more beautifully amongst the chaos?

A.B: I think finding what you love doing and making time to do it. For me it's being creative. Juggling family life and work commitments can be stressful so its important as a mother to make time for yourself. It might mean baking or going for a run - whatever it is that you love and fills your tank - make time and do it!

A:  Are there any unique or special activities that you like to do together with your kids?

A.B: Both my children love the beach and the best part is - it's free! In the weekends we'll take them there or to the park. My son also enjoys fishing or eeling with my husband.

A: How do you like to decorate your home and are there any favourite places where you like to shop?

A.B:  I love modern/nordic styling when it comes to decorating my home. There are two lovely homeware and lifestyle shops I love - Paper plane store and Flux Boutique, both in Mount Maunganui. I have ordered a lot of products for styling my children's rooms online. We have some beautiful online stores here in New Zealand: Little Co, Little Whimsy, Concrete Blush, Dapper Mr Bear and Beaumondebabe to name a few of my favs. I'm often changing things up. I'm in my happy place when I get creative.

A: What do you love the most about living in Tauranga, New Zealand?

A.B: The sunshine and the beach! Tauranga often has the national high for the most sunshine hours and who doesn't love sunshine?

A: What makes you the happiest in this world?

A.B: Chocolate. Haha and my family of course! I'm so fortunate to be able to be a full-time mother at home with my children. Those early years go by so fast. I love spending time with them and making memories.

A: How can people connect with you and find out more about you?

A.B:You can connect with me on Instagram: @amiebrodie


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