5 Quick and Easy Adorable Kids Hairstyles to Try at Home Today

5 Quick and Easy Adorable Kids Hairstyles to Try at Home Today

Being isolated from the world as we tackle COVID-19 can be a hard time for us all, but this time can also bring families together. This “stay-at-home-period” is a perfect opportunity to master various skills, say, your hair-styling skill that you have never had time for. And what better to way to master that skill than with your little girl.

We browsed through our photo library to bring you some of our favourite little girls hairstyles that you can copy today. Feel free to experiment and play around with these adorable little hairstyles and in 4 weeks you will come out a pro, having a lot more fun with your girl's looks.
Try these quick and easy #karibougirl hairstyles we've picked out for you for even more bonding time with your girl. Now just put on Frozen and start practicing away. We promise that you'll love the results!

Easy Hairstyle No. 5

Two Pigtails with Oversized Statement Bows

We have a huge passion for bows, we love them and have them a huge range - Everything from tiny linen bow clips to our signature jumbo organza Mia Bows. Two pigtails with two oversized statement bows is a perfect super easy hairstyle to try for an adorable look in an instant - A take on our Soviet Union childhood school days that is both unique and charming.

Easy Hairstyle No. 4

Messy Top Bun

If your little girl has long hair this cute 'undone' done up hairstyle style requiring minimum effort and time, but looks gorgeous and goes well with any outfit. Simply gather hair into a ponytail on the crown of her head and then twist and pin with bobby pins, a hair tie, or any clips you can really that you manage to find around the house.

Easy Hairstyle No. 3

Half-Up Bohemian Braids with Bow

We must admit long hair can be hard to manage so why don’t you tame those sweet locks of hers by braiding them to the back and completing the look with a sweet cotton or linen bow. This look was featured in the Karibou Wildberry Forest collection on our model Nikita and has become a must-try look for all little darling with medium to long hair.

Easy Hairstyle No. 2

Side Part with an Oversized Bow

If your girl is going through that hard-to-manage toddler stage this look you can create even while she's on the go. Simply clip a part of her hair back and then finish off with a beautiful bow. Karibou jumbo organza Mia Bows are just perfect as they are lightweight and will really make you go "Aww!"

Easy Hairstyle No.

Double Buns with French Braids

And if all the above hairstyles just seem way too easy do not give this adorable look a miss. First part the hair and plait back into two French braids at the top of the head. Then gather into two little buns and finish off the hairstyle by clipping in two sweet little bows. If you are like us and are not used to French braiding this one may take some practice (Simply Google a tutorial - You are sure to find hundreds!), but in the end it will be well worth it taking your hair styling skills to the next level, so you can create all new gorgeous looks for your girl.


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