Our Top 5 Fun and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Our Top 5 Fun and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Daily life during a the lockdown can get pretty repetitive we must admit. Why not start the morning with a fun-to-eat breakfast that will put a smile on your child's face. We've put together our Top 5 List of easy kids breakfast ideas that are also a lot of fun! Just perfect for a birthday or for a great start to any day really, it's also a fun way to get creative. Now who said we shouldn't play with our food!

Our Top 5: Choice No. 5

Happy Bunny Waffles

Photo by Forkandbeans

If you happen to have a waffle maker these adorable bunny face waffles should be super easy to pull off. But, if not, don't worry! You are very likely to find ready-made waffles that you can simply heat up in the supermarket. While fresh berries are still in season pick up a punnet or two of strawberries and blueberries, as well as some bananas and your sweet little bunny will be ready to delight!

Our Top 5: Choice No. 4

Baby Crab Croissant Sandwiches

Photo by Allthatglittersisgold

We love this adorable idea of quickly and easily making croissants fun! Croissants are hugely popular in Europe as a delicious breakfast food, so why not try serving them for your child's breakfast stuffed with some yummy jam, or alternatively with melted cheese and ham.

Simply attach some plastic googly eyes if your child has them in the arts and crafts collection. If you don't happen to have them (and have no access to a knick-knack/2 dollar store at present then you can simply make these googly eyes by cutting them out of paper and colouring in the inside of the eye with a black marker. Then gently glue them on to the back of a toothpick and voila!

Our Top 5: Choice No. 3

Cute Animal Toasties

Photo by Buzzfeed

Ah the classic! Toast with your child's favourite spread. But, why not get creative and try this classic breakfast or snack with additional berries and fruit to make it into a cute funny animal face. Just use peanut butter, Nutella, and/or cream cheese in a creative way and a simple toast will become so adorable (just hopefully not too cute too eat!)

Our Top 5: Choice No. 2

Dinosaur Banana Pancakes

Sourced on Pinterest

Kids love pancakes for breakfast! But even pancakes can get boring. Why not turn it into a sweet little dinosaur by adding in some bananas and a little bit of a creativity. Use marshmallows or cut fruit as legs and something small and edible for the eye. Then pour over with some honey or maple syrup and enjoy!

Our Top 5: Choice No. 1

Dinosaur Waffles

Photo by Popsugar

We love this adorable waffle dinosaur is a fun breakfast idea! It's easy to make with the use of slice fruit and waffles (which you can either make if you have a waffle-maker or pick up from your local supermarket - Pancakes will also work!) It has all the ingredients kids usually love, down to the little tiny marshmallow details, which you will be able to pick up from the baking ingredients isle at the supermarket.

Finish off the eyes with two small raisins and your breakfast dinosaur will be complete in no time! Or get even more creative and turn into an animal of your child's choice if dinosaurs are not his/her thing.


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