Our Top 11 Beautiful Nature-Inspired Baby Boys' Names (You May not Have Thought of)

Our Top 11 Beautiful Nature-Inspired Baby Boys' Names (You May not Have Thought of)

Having a baby boy is exciting. A little man to love and cherish - What could be better! But, when it comes to choosing a name things can get difficult. So, we have looked high and low to put together our list of top 11 baby boy names inspired by nature that also happen to be trending in 2020.

As we’re raving for gender equality, promoting love towards nature and celebrating free spirit, catch our latest list of quaint and hippie boys names. Most importantly, do not be scared to look different and have an opinion that does not fit the “voice populi”. if you share the values we mentioned above, be brave and be confident! It’s all about you, this is your life and your baby, just follow what your heart desires and you’ll be rewarded with inner peace and happiness.

  1. Ocean
  2. Skye
  3. Orion
  4. North
  5. Elm
  6. Rock
  7. Leaf
  8. Clover

Still Struggling to Pick the Perfect Name?

If still in doubt and the struggle is real, try a clever little quirky trick that works every time to help you choose - Asking a pendulum! This be be a crystal pendulum or just any pendant on a chain (or string) that you wear so it has your energy. If you are able to get your hands on a crystal pendulum we find that clear quartz or amethyst tends to work best.

Photo by Dan Farrell on Unsplash

Here's How to Do It:

  1. Choose top 2-5 names you just can’t settle on one name from and write each name down on a small separate piece of paper. Sit comfortably either on the floor or chair and spread out the pieces on the floor or table with the names written on them either facing up or face down - Either works.
  2. Sit quietly with your eyes closed for a few minutes holding your pendulum right to your heart and try to connect with it allowing your energy flow from your vitality centre (navel area) to the pendulum.
  3. Open your eyes, take the pendulum at the top of strings and hold it just above one of the little pieces of paper with the names you’ve written on them. Stabilise it with your free hand getting the pendulum to stay completely still.
  4. Take a deep breath, relax your body and ask a pendulum “Is this the right name for my baby girl?” The pendulum will shortly start to move. Then do the same for all the other names you’ve written down. Interpret the guidance of the pendulum by reading the guide below.

How to interpret the pendulum movement:

If the pendulum moves from side-to-side the answer is NO

If the pendulum moves in a circular motion the answer is YES.

If the pendulum stays still or quivers the answer cannot be given at this stage. Ask again later when you are feeling completely calm and relaxed.

Repeat this sequence for all names and feel free to start the process again if all the names are a ‘No’. Remember to listen to your intuition and your inner wisdom and you will quickly know which name to choose.


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