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This week I caught up with the amazing and multi-talented Kiwi mama Alexa. Not only is she currently raising 3 littles ones, but she is also the owner of New Zealand's Buck and Baa, the creator of ethically-made and organic (plus totally gorgeous) baby bonnets, wraps, blankets, and bibs. And now she is launching her blog House of Milk! Her passion for organic and eco-friendly fibres is clearly reflected in Alexa's beautiful Instagram feed, where you will find the sweetest organic snaps of smiling baby faces, hugs, kisses, and just the pure joy of motherhood. What an incredible mama. Hope you find this interview with Alexa as inspiring as it was for me. 

K: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this feature Alexa. I’m so thrilled to do this interview with you and I can’t wait to for our readers to get to know you more. Tell us, who’s in your family.

A: We are a new family of five! My three kids; Sam (5 1/2 Years), Holly (2 1/2 Years) and Ezra (3 Months) my Husband Ben and myself; Alexa. (Plus two dogs, a cat and a rabbit).

K: We met on Instagram and I must say that your feed is absolutely amazing! When did you get stared with sharing your story and what do you enjoy the most about it?

A: I started posting on my personal instagram account last year - I must admit it was purely so I could use it as a port to advertise my brand but I quickly got swept into the addictiveness of photography and I have met some amazing mamas from all over the world. Instagram has become my creative output and something I do purely for me - I am enjoying learning how to use my camera and I love sharing my images. 

Alexa from Buck and Baa talks to Karibou

K: You capture such great moments. Any photography tips you can give us to help us get beautiful shots like yours?

A: Hide in the corner of the room and just observe every day moments. My kids won't pose for me (even if I try to encourage them haha) so when they are playing or being snuggly, i run for the camera so I can sneak a few snaps.

K: Your kids are just beautiful and the way you style them is super adorable. What are your favourite pieces for them?

A: I don't think I have any favourite pieces as such but I LOVE natural fibres and neutral, muted colours. I try to buy organic and/or from small companies and I generally pick simple, easy to play in items. Kids' clothing needs room to move and have flexibility for running, jumping and comfortable enough for the odd, sporadic nap.

K: Does your daughter have any favourites when it comes to items of clothing or accessories? 

A: Holly would prefer to be nude... shirtless at least haha.

Alexa from Buck and Baa on the Karibou blog

K: What three words best describe your family life?

A: Loud, crazy and messy (in the best way possible).

K: What have you found to be your biggest challenge when it comes to motherhood?

A: Patience. Oh the patience that is needed is epic! This question took a wee while to come up with an answer, there are so many challenges with being a mama but I think patience is the one that I have to be really conscious about; patience with the sleepless nights and days with Ezra; patience with the boundary pushing and sass with Holly; patience with the sibling rivalry and big feelings from Sam. They're amazing kids and deserve my patience with each developmental stage.

K: And the biggest reward?

A: Seeing my babies grow into their big personalities. They're such cool kids and have incredible characters - I love watching them change and learning what their interests are with each stage.

Alexa from Buck and Baa on the Karibou blog

K: How do you like to spend your days?

A: I'm a real home body, I love being in my own environment. I do also work from home, my little business is called Buck and Baa and it keeps me very busy in between lego building and nappy changes.

K: You mentioned ‘living honestly’ in your Instagram bio. Tell us more.

A: It's basically about living my life in a way that's honest to myself and who I am as a person, my interests, beliefs and morals. I want to look back on my life and have no regrets about the person I was and how I raised my children. I would also like them to have the same moral integrity so the best way to teach them is to show them! 

K: What does living ‘beautifully’ mean to you and how do you manage to do it while raising little ones?

A: It's definitely not my house haha, we're in the middle of some in-depth renovations and let's just say; it's not beautiful haha but I would translate 'living beautifully' as a parallel to living honestly. Making beautiful family memories together, being happy on the inside and making sure my children are happy too. 

Alexa from Buck and Baa on the Karibou blog

K: I know that your blog is coming soon. I’m excited ! Tell us more!

A: I take far too many photos and I need a platform to share them all. My blog will be a reflection of me and my family and what we get up to together too. I'd love to go through all my posts as a family when they're all grown and show them snippets of their childhood. Plus it'll be a great place to show process shots of our house renovations (which isn't very fast while the kids are small). 

K: What do you like the most about living in a small town in NZ? 

A: We've just moved here when Ezra was two weeks old, it's quiet and the air is fresh! The folks here are really friendly too, in the first couple of weeks since we moved in we had neighbours introducing themselves and one gentleman bought a bunch of fresh flowers from his garden. There's a real sense of community and it's such a pretty town. We live on a tree lined road and it's fun to see the odd tractor and farm animals go past on trailers. 

K: Thank you so much Alexa. How can people connect with you? 

A: On Instagram over at 
Make sure to check out the beautiful pieces over at Buck and Baa:




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