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Recently Karolina and I were invited to spend some time in the magical 'little girls' world' at Little Miss Enchanted, which we discovered is located right here in Auckland.

We walked in escorted by none other than Elsa herself (I think no explanation needed here) to find ourselves surrounded by birds, butterflies, myriads of flowers and vines. Skipping around this enchanting little place my excited 2 year old could not help herself as she pointed out every single bird and butterfly (out of probably a hundred that were there) with a priceless look of awe upon her face. Peering in every nook and cranny she would find everything from little elves, dolls, adorable furry animals, and of course her favourite - butterflies! 


Her favourite part was definitely all the games that she got to play, like ring tossing and throwing little turtles through holes. What toddler can resist when throwing something is involved right! She also got the option to get her nails done and hair curled, but I think that the sporty activities were more to her liking.  

When being given the option to play dress-ups, (which little wouldn't want to be able to raid Elsa's closet right?), you can probably guess what Karolina chose for herself - Yep, a big pair of butterfly wings! I cannot say that I agree on the colour choice though. Or maybe I'm the only one who is not a fan of 'acid' green, I don't know.

After alot of fun discovery and games for Karolina at Little Miss Enchanted two things were instantly added to my to-do list: 1. Decorate Karolina's room with LOTS of butterflies and 2. Buy her a pair of butterfly wings (which we did practically minutes after we left the place). 

I'm so thrilled that I got the entire experience on camera as I know that rewatching this video of that little smile will instantly put a smile on my face and lots of love in my heart. Enjoy and please leave comments below!

Thank you for having us Little Miss Enchanted!



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    What a could place. It looks like she had so much fun ❤

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